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Douglas G. Thompson, DDS


Contact Information
Douglas G. Thompson, D.D.S.
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Telephone: 248-642-1000

Short Biography

Dr. Thompson began his dental career at age 18, working as an in-house laboratory technician. Over the next ten years, he worked and studied full time and graduated from University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1996. He then completed a one-year hospital-based V. A. Residency Program in General Dentistry. In 1997, Dr. Thompson bought an established private practice in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and practices there today.

Dr. Thompson has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education and has studied extensively at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington led by Dr. John Kois.

Dr. Thompson believes in an interdisciplinary treatment model that coordinates dental care with other medical practitioners for total health care for his patients. He employs advanced DNA bacterial testing methods and other leading-edge dental science to enable early risk assessment and personalized treatment planning. He organized and created the structure for an interdisciplinary study club which has representation from all dental specialties and is focused on comprehensive treatment planning.

Dr. Thompson is the founder of Impact Dental Solutions, a company focused on assisting dentists with implementation strategies designed to put knowledge to work in their daily practices. Among other topics, he coaches risk assessment treatment planning, digital photography, and systems to transform traditional hygiene services into value added experiences of personalized periodontal medicine.



Course Title: Digital Photography: Perfect Photos In A Flash!

Overview: This two hour to one day long presentation is designed for anyone in the dental office interested in capturing high quality images in clinical practice. Photos can be taken for patient communication, self-evaluation, documentation of conditions, laboratory communication, and many other applications. A complete photo series used for comprehensive treatment planning will be presented and taught. In addition, the rationale for “Why” we take each photo will be given and explained. A complete evaluation system for analyzing our patients unfolds as the images are explained and discussed. Proper techniques and how to avoid common errors will be presented. This course teaches you to capture beautiful professional images, and have fun while doing it. Photography is a true practice enhancer!

Course Objectives:

  1. Why photography is so important now.
  2. What type of camera works best.
  3. What type of flash you must have.
  4. Basic lens requirements.
  5. All you will ever need to know about mirrors and retractors.
  6. The benefits of photos in practice.
  7. Significance of the necessary equipment.
  8. Can this process be delegated?
  9. Will I regain my investment of time and money using photography?
  10. Why is my photo quality still lacking, I already own an expensive camera?
  11. What are the desired photos for comprehensive treatment planning?

Intended Audience or Format:

  1. Anyone in the dental office
  2. Customizable from two hours to one day in length


Course Title: “Personalized Periodontal Medicine” A New Approach to Total Body Health

Overview: This course for dentists, hygienists, and their entire teams is customizable from two hours to one day in length. It is designed to create office wide awareness about a Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach. How we think about periodontal disease and how it is treated is changing. It is no longer just a site-specific problem; it is a systemic problem. Program discusses areas of leadership, patient and practitioner disease awareness, patient education, disease diagnosis, treatment approach, and maintenance protocols. This approach features salivary diagnostics to assist with diagnosis and treatment. A series of administrative tools that create a systematic process to keep you and your team organized are introduced. This process can transform your routine hygiene services into value added experiences of personalized periodontal medicine. This approach will produce healthier patients, a healthier practice and healthier teams.

Course Objectives:

  1. Increase the periodontal awareness of everyone in the office to enhance team/patient discussion and early disease detection.
  2. Increase awareness about how the bacterial profile may affect vascular disease concerns and heart attack risk.
  3. Feature case studies that outline the use of the saliva to determine the bacteria profile, genetic susceptibility (salivary diagnostics), and the benefits of both, in the care of active disease patients.
  4. Show the use of clinical adjuncts to control inflammation and the rate of clinical attachment loss.
  5. Make available for purchase a complete set of customizable office support materials to organize your entire periodontal program and provide administrative structure to the process.
  6. Provide language and techniques to explain to patients their own “periodontal story”.
  7. Explore how to relate the diagnosis to periodontal risk assessment.
  8. Reveal implementation challenges in leading a new periodontal standard of care.
  9. Establish a personalized plan for a long-term strategy to manage periodontal health and encourage total body wellness.
  10. A Personalized Periodontal Medicine approach allows you to treat periodontal disease early and have patients "thank you" at the same time.

Intended Audience or Format:

  1. Dentists, their hygienists/entire team
  2. Customizable from two hours to one day in length

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