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Kois Alumni Speakers

Many of our Kois Center Alumni have developed educational presentations and material to help each other in practice*. As a resource for our membership, below is a list of programs offered by Kois Center Alumni. More information on what it means to be a Kois Center Alumni can be found by clicking here.

* Please note that these programs are neither sponsored nor organized by the Kois Center. General guidelines when including Kois Center content in any presentation include: Acknowledge the material came from the Kois Center; do not use any images, videos or handouts produced by the Kois Center nor promote yourself as a representative or “on behalf of” the Kois Center. Use the material respectfully and with integrity.

The listings on this page are current as of July 2016. Updates or additions to this page are incorporated on an annual basis, and may be submitted to

Betsy Bakeman, DDSLearn More


  1. Evaluation and Managing Soft Tissue Architecture for Optimal Esthetics
  2. Creating Veneer Success
  3. Maximizing Success by Minimizing Risk
  4. Occlusion – Diagnosis Driven Management
  5. All Dentistry is Cosmetic
  6. Replacing a Missing Tooth in the Esthetic Zone – Focus on AACD Accreditation Case Type III

Joyce Bassett, DDSLearn More


  1. Maximize Your Aesthetic Results Through New Concepts in Preparation Design
  2. Conservative Undetectable Composite Restorations
  3. The Synergy of Esthetics and Function in All Ceramic and Composite Applications
  4. Real World Cosmetic Dentistry: Faults, Failures and Fixes

Mark Benavides, DDSLearn More


  1. Technologic Challenges in the Dental Office: How to deal with Office Computers & Networks: Hardware Tricks, Techniques, and Security. And if enough time, what to do about the pesky black helicopters.
  2. Digital Photography Workflow –From Obtaining To Archiving Your Photos

John Derango, DDSLearn More


  1. A Common Sense Approach to Risk Assessment

Bryan Edgar, DDS, MAGDLearn More


  1. Implant Esthetics: Addressing Patient Anatomic Variables with Location, Location, Location
  2. Take Your Investing to the Next Level

Jeffrey C. Grabiel, DDSLearn More


  1. Peri-Implant Esthetics – a Risk Based Approach
  2. Perio Restorative: Esthetic Connection

Leon Hermanides, CDTLearn More


  1. Shade communication: a system that works!
  2. Predictable Restorations In the Esthetic Zone!

Matt Illes, DDS, FICOI, FAGDLearn More


  1. Using a Copy Mill Jig to Construct a Superior Screw Retained, Implant Bridge
  2. Contemporary Restoration of the Maxillary Implant Incisor
  3. Occlusal Veneers Ultraconservative Restorative Treatment
  4. The 6 Sextant Approach to Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Matthew Lark, DDS, MAGDLearn More


  1. Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain for the Restorative Dentist

Chris Mei, DDSLearn More


  1. The Duet of Implants and Aesthetics Depend on Occlusal Harmony

Michael Sesemann, DDSLearn More


  1. The Artistry of Direct Composite Veneers: Contour is King
  2. Oral Art and Design: the Synergy of Esthetics and Function
  3. Direct Posterior Composites: Balancing Efficiency & Long-Term Performance
  4. Material Selection in the 21st Century Esthetic Dental Practice
  5. Matching One or Two Indirect Restorations to Natural Dentition

Jung Song, DDS, MSDLearn More


  1. Demystifying Anterior Implants
  2. Micro vs Macro Surgery
  3. Management of Mucogingival Surgery
  4. Management of Sinus Grafts
  5. Ego Veni Vidi Vici: Ailing Failing Failed Implants
  6. Pediatric Periodontics
  7. Esthetic Treatment Planning

Douglas Thompson, DDSLearn More


  1. Digital Photography: Perfect Photos In A Flash!
  2. Personalized Periodontal Medicine” A New Approach to Total Body Health