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Kois Center Committees

Mission Statement
The overall goal of the Kois Center Committees is to assist with the growth and development of the Kois Center.


  1. Oversee the development of specific projects for the Kois Center
  2. Give participants the opportunity to provide input to Kois Center
  3. Provide growth and leadership opportunities for Graduates, Mentors and Clinical Instructors

Guiding Principles
The Committees will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Integrity, Commitment and Passion
  2. Belief and support for the Kois Center vision – "it's about changing lives"
  3. Represent the interests of the greater membership

Alumni Committee

2016-2017 Members
Emmanuel Karamanis, DDS – Chair
Bryce Chandler, DDS, MAGD, FICOI
Michael Conway, DMD
Sam Guarnieri, DDS
Bob Rosenfeld, DDS
Scott Strommer, DDS
Ken Levos, DDS

The Kois Alumni Committee is charged with ensuring the success of Kois Center students by providing support at each level of interaction and learning. We are successful when students incorporate and apply Kois Center principles in their practices to the benefit of their patients, their practice as a whole and the quality of their personal and professional lives.

Kois Center Mentors and Clinical Instructors are the primary vehicles through which the KAC extends its influence. Mentors are committed to enhancing the students' experience in each course by helping them master clinical skills and integrate those skills into their unique practice culture. Clinical Instructors manage each course and lead the Mentors in their efforts serving as a resource to each Mentor and the trend-spotters for identifying often subtle changes that impact the quality of our students' learning.


  1. Create and implement Mentor training
  2. Create and provide Clinical Instructor resources for the successful mentoring of courses.
  3. Create and implement feedback systems to measure our effectiveness
  4. Create and implement strategies to enhance the participants experience at the Center and beyond
  5. Encourage networking to foster camaraderie and relationships for all participants that reflects a unique culture

Curriculum Committee

2016-2017 Members
Steve Acker, DDS – Chair
David Blaustein, DDS
Nick Kemp, DDS
Scott Rice, DDS
Adam DeCota, DDS
Colin Gibb, CDT
Jay Lopez, DDS

The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to develop and provide materials that facilitate integration of Kois Center principles into the practices of Kois Center Membership.


  1. To develop a curriculum that empowers and engages the dental teams of the Kois Center membership in the highest standard of dental care for their patients.
  2. To develop material that explains Kois Center procedures to patients of the Kois Membership.
  3. To provide supplemental information for the course manuals aimed at clarifying Kois Center protocols and empowering the Kois Membership itself.
  4. To provide information in a way that minimizes the expense to both the dental office and the Kois Center.
  5. To provide opportunities for Kois Center trained dentists to participate in the growth and development of the Kois Center.

Exam Committee

2016-2017 Members
Jeff Bynum, DDS - Chair
Mark Allen, DDS
Mark Benavides, DDS
John Courtney, DDS
Jeffrey Grabiel, DDS
Leon Hermanides, CDT
Derek Hopkins, DDS
Jeff Horowitz, DMD
Don Jayne, DDS
Chris Pickel, DDS
Lynn Blaisdell, DDS
David Cauble, DMD

Our mission is to develop a process which validates the competency of the graduates in both the concepts and procedures of the Kois Center. Furthermore, this process will be performed in an environment which nurtures and instills confidence, providing a growth opportunity for all involved.


  1. Develop a screening process to ensure all graduates taking the oral examination are adequately prepared to be successful
  2. Develop a written exam which tests the graduates’ understanding of the concepts and procedures taught at the Center. This test will cover the depth and breadth of material from the entire curriculum.
  3. Ensure that the examination process is relevant and challenging as well as a positive growth and learning experience for everyone involved
  4. Ensure that the examination process is fair
  5. Continue to review the oral examination for clarity and efficiency
  6. Develop a sense of camaraderie among Clinical Instructors and soon-to-be Mentors
  7. Instruct the Graduates of the added responsibility of becoming a Mentor
  8. Ensure the integrity of the Kois Center Mentor program by adequately examining the Graduates

Activity Committee

2016-2017 Members
Ali Afshar, DDS - Chair
Adam Decota, DDS
Sandra Hulac, DDS
Brian Nakagawa, DDS
Shameek Popat, DDS
Amanda Seay, DDS

Providing platforms & avenues for Kois dentists of similar interests and goals to find each other, interact, share knowledge, experiences and skills.