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“John has the uncanny ability to foster a new paradigm in how we critically think and evaluate. He is an incredibly effective educator and mentor. Not only have John's abilities positively changed my dental practice, he has facilitated significant changes in my personal life as well. Do it, you won't regret it!”

Dr. John W. Buzza

Santa Rosa, California


“There are few individuals in life with the ability to change an industry one person at a time; even fewer with the integrity, passion, and leadership of Dr Kois. The time I have spent in the clinical programs at the Kois Center has built a solid foundation of predictable systems that we implement daily with our clients, in pursuit of 'restorative excellence'. I recommend the programs to any member of the profession willing to treat their patients comprehensively to understand how and where to control risk, and provide consistent and predictable outcomes.”

Mr. Leon Hermanides

Redmond, Washington


“One hour into my first Kois Center course I knew that I would never look again at teeth the same way again. I learned more about occlusion in one hour than in four years of dental school. Dr. Kois was so passionate about the material that I was drawn in and couldn’t wait to learn more. He is a natural born teacher. The Kois courses are an investment for your future. Each course pays for itself over and over again. Dr. Kois presents systems that simplify your practice and are easy to implement. Dr. Kois employs the most current research from the literature in what he teaches. It is a science-based management system for each and every patient. Dr. Kois understands that every patient is different, wants different levels of treatment, and that not everyone should have the same treatment. The Kois Center can help you learn how to satisfy your patients and reduce the stress in your practice.”

Dr. Michael Young

Troy, Michigan


“In a dental world full of deceit and confusion, it is refreshing and enlightening to find a true teacher in John Kois. He offers literature and system based approaches to all facets of dentistry from scheduling, through dental procedures, to lab and staff management. I learned why I had difficulty with certain cases, why I had failures, and why I had successes. I have learned more about dentistry, life, people, and most importantly myself after taking Dr. Kois’ seminars than I have in all of the other Continuing Ed. combined. I have seen Dawson, Strupp, Spear, and Christensen. I learned much from them all, and am grateful for the experiences, but the practical and sensible teaching of Kois has helped me to be the most confident, consistent, and successful.”

Dr. Jeff Bynum

Valrico, FL


“The Kois Center is by far the most advanced and well organized facility I have ever seen. The wealth of information that I have learned is invaluable and this is coming from a laboratory perspective. The courses I have taken bring the communication between the patient, doctor and laboratory to a new level. Each course develops a comprehensive system for each phase of dentistry and is backed up by studies and research, not by opinion. Any doctor in dentistry or laboratory will greatly benefit from these courses and the new level of confidence gained in treating patients and managing risk. This center has raised the bar for advanced education to a whole new level! Anyone who attends one course will definitely sign up for more.”

Mr. Colin Gibb

Mesa, Arizona


“Dr. John Kois and the Kois Center continue to be an inspiration and support in my life. Dr. Kois, one of the finest teachers I have met. He brings an evidence based approach along with concrete systems so that any student has a great opportunity for growth. This clarity makes it easy to implement what the student has learned. His patience, knowledge of dentistry, and concern for his students and their patients is unequaled in my experience. I cannot recommend Dr. Kois and the Kois Center highly enough.”

Dr. Marc J Beshar

New York, New York


“I really have to say that with Dr. Kois' help I could put into place the systems and knowledge that I have accumulated over the years and make sense of the oddities that have eluded me over the years. Dr. Kois helps sort through the mumbo-jumbo of manufacturers and lecturers by learning the science that either supports or debunks their claims. All the while he keeps it fresh, current and most of all non-condescending. The Center is set up in such a way to induce learning and discussion in a safe environment so that dissenting opinions can be debated and a consensus reached without egos in the way. I find Dr. Kois to be a fine teacher, facilitator, and repository of useful information that is both practical and useful in day to day operations of the front line of dentistry, the general dental office. He has given me the tools I need to be profitable, successful, happy in my work which allows me to enjoy dentistry, my patients, my staff and my family. I highly recommend his courses.”

Dr. Geoffry E.Hallstead

Canandaigua, New York