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Evidentiae Software Training Course-Seattle, Washington

Instructor: Dr. Rania Saleh & Dr. Jeromy Peterson

March 24, 2017

Course Description:

This training course will focus on how to seamlessly integrate the Evidentiae Software into your practice as well as the implementation of the Kois concepts through the use of simple and efficient digital work flow. The Evidentiae Software seeks to enhance the value of treatment and increase case acceptance through simplifying the reporting process. This course will highlight the most pertinent features of the software that will ensure a smooth transition in your practice as well as enhancement of the patient experience.

This course will be held at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

Course Objectives

  • How to incorporate Evidentiae into your daily pratice
  • How to input the necessary data to assess the patient's risk and ensure treatment success
  • How to enhance the value of the treatment and increase case acceptance through automatically generated patient reports
  • How to seamlessly implement the Kois concepts using a simple and efficient digital workflow
  • Covered Features: Clinical, MyChart, practice set-up, billing, insurance, EVcam, EVsign, patient report and much more

  • Course Hours
    Day 1-8:00am - 5:00pm (Lunch Provided)

    Materials Required:
    A laptop is required for this course. Loupes and cameras will not be needed.

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