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Dilemmas of Drugs in Dentistry

Instructor: Dr. Andrei Tutoveanu, B MedSc(Chem), M Pharm(MPS), B Dent(Syd)

Course Overview:

This course is targeted at linking dental disease with dental prescribing; understanding the intricate details of decision-making of drugs and their applications within the dental scope. We as dentists deal with a plethora of drugs from the compact list we usually prescribe, to the extensive lists we are exposed to in our history taking. We as dentists are expected to know just as much about the drugs we don’t prescribe as the ones we do including their rationale of use, mode of action, adverse reactions and interactions. This coupled with the ever-growing list of generics on the market, makes it quite easy to become overwhelmed and disinterested. Our aim today is to become more familiar with numerous drug classes and treatment modalities, highlight the intricacies of drug interactions and continue to expand our drug armamentarium. The evidence-based approach into comprehensive clinical therapeutics and the quality use of medicines will expand your prescribing power and knowledge of drugs and disease, resulting in better patient management.

Learning Objectives - Lecture:
  • Demonstrate an understanding for the therapeutic applications of drugs, based on their underlying pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, while concentrating on the pharmacology of these agents - widely used in routine general and specialist dental practice
  • Explore the physicochemical and molecular properties underlying drug action, drug metabolism, bio-activation and inactivation, identification of drugs and their metabolites, and toxicology - within the scope of clinical therapeutics governing dental prescribing
  • Explore therapeutic drug classes targeting specific macromolecular proteins (enzyme, G-protein coupled receptor, nuclear receptor)
  • Understand the physicochemical principles, design, formulation and manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms (i.e. liquids, tablets, topical creams, ointments and sublingual delivery systems) within the scope of dental prescribing
  • An understanding of the profession of pharmacy and industrial pharmaceuticals, the Australian health care and drug distribution systems, and the National Medicines Policy, including the National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines
  • Reviewing the legal prescribing rights of dentists, clinical effects of changing formulations, therapeutic dosage regimens, drug scheduling and the prescribing of PBS/non-PBS approved medications
  • Understanding drug monographs and exploring their individual clinical indications/contra- indications, precautions, MOA (mechanisms of action), side effect profiles, brand names, product lines and brand substitution, PBS information and offlabel uses, including specific patient counseling points and treatment considerations within the dental context

Course Hours:

7:00am - 5:00pm Daily

Adjunct Course Welcome Reception:

Thursday Evening
Following the first night of the course, attendees are invited to join a “Welcome Reception” where they can better acquaint themselves with other classmates and the course instructor.

CE Credits:

This course provides 27 continuing education credit hours and includes lecture and hands-on participation.