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Online Auxilliary Training


This website was developed inline with the philosophy and therapeutic principles taught at the Kois Center. The goal was to cost effectively provide staff training to support the doctors as they strive to implement protocols learned at Kois Center Courses into a private practice setting more seamlessly and effectively. Different practitioners have contributed to create this program: Dr. Glorianne Walker, Dr. Terry Green and Dr. Rena Vakay.


  • Web Based Program – Online access at any time from any computer with internet connection (DSL optimal)
  • Program includes 19 modules varying in length from 15-30 minutes
  • Unlimited users. Each user has his/ her own username and password, allowing each staff member to learn at their own pace
  • Administrator can review each staff member’s program progress and module test results
  • Program cost: $695.00 (one time fee)

Table of Contents

  • 0101: Introduction and Philosophy to Creating Restorative Excellence
  • 0102: Preclinical Protocol: Before the Patient Enters the Door
  • 0103: Clinical Protocol for the Initial Appointment: A Systematic Approach
  • 0104: Clinical Photography: Dentofacial Concepts and Rationale
  • 0201: Diagnostic Impressions and Laboratory Techniques Module 1
  • 0202: Kois Dentofacial Analyzer and Bite Records
  • 0203: Cast Management for the Dental Assistant
  • 0301: Caries Management: What Causes Decay?
  • 0401: Predictable Crown & Bridge Techniques: Final Impressions
  • 0402: Predictable Crown & Bridge Techniques: Single Unit Provisionals
  • 0403: Multiple Unit Provisionals: Fabrication of Custom Shell
  • 0404: Multiple Unit Provisionals: Reline Protocol
  • 0405: Trimming Multiple Unit Provisionals
  • 0406: Cementation and Removal of Provisional Restorations
  • Digital Photography: Part 1
  • Digital Photography: Part 2
  • Occlusal Problems and Management: Part 1
  • Occlusal Problems and Management: Part 2
  • Patient Centered Service

Training Website: